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Buy Big, Build Big, and Borrow Smart to Win!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Charge Large: Board Game for the Credit Crunch Era

NBC Los Angeles - Two young developers create game like Monoply except with credit. They talk about their road to Hasbro and how it started. NewsRaw talked to the creators via webcam.

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Local entrepreneurs strike it big -

Local entrepreneurs Adam Kornblum of Bellmore, CEO of Ark Brands LLC, and business partner Joe Davis of Merrick recently struck it big when their brain child, Charge Large, a game similar to Monopoly, was licensed to Hasbro.

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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Hasbro buys LI - made board game

Hasbro buys LI-made board game

by Claude Solnik
Published: December 16, 2009
Tags: , , A pair of twentysomething Long Islanders have sold the rights to “Charge Large,” a board game they developed, to Hasbro, which is selling it in Wal-Mart and has other mass retailers set to distribute it soon. Joe Davis and Adam Kornblum, entrepreneurs who met at Bellmore’s John Fitzgerald Kennedy High School, created the game that revolves ..

Saturday, December 5, 2009

KCTV5's Top Holiday Toys 2009 - CHARGE LARGE - #1 for ages 12+

Top Toys for 2009 - CHARGE LARGE

Ages 12-up

Charge Large
Perhaps a sign of the times, Charge Large is all about using credit cards to borrow and win. In the Hasbro game, player buy properties, accumulate wealth and manage debt while trying to get from gold to black card status.
Ages: 12+ Price: 19.99

Radio Clips in Texas - Charge Large Board Game by Hasbro

Hasbro's newest board game, CHARGE LARGE, comes out just in time to provide a counter to the credit crisis, and of course a fun-filled hour of play time....

Saturday, November 28, 2009

A Black Friday Must? New Board Game CHARGE LARGE Teaches Credit Card Restraint - Speakeasy - WSJ

A Black Friday Must? New Board Game Charge Large Teaches Credit Card Restraint - Speakeasy - WSJ

...“The game is a reaction to easy credit,” Joe Davis, one of the game’s inventors, said. “There was a mystique of it, a sexiness to credit.”...

...They displayed Charge Large at Toy Fair last February and took a handful of pre-orders. In March, board-game juggernaut Hasbro Inc. heard about the game.... An agreement was signed with Hasbro in September to license the game..."

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